InlineEdit 3

Oh, you want to change it? Ok!


Due to a break in my neverend work schedule and a request from someone, I've decided to take the time to remake inlineEdit for the new version of MooTools. Also, because I love you.

What's new?

I light to keep my plugins light and flexible, so I'm not going to build in a bunch of features, I'm just going to try and showcase the possiblities here so that people can see how it works and then go and do it by themselves. However, here's what you'll get from the new version:

Show me!

Sure, here are a few examples of things you can do.

Nothing special here, just inlineEdit in the nude. Sometimes people like it best that way.
Save changes to html page
As requested by Matt, here is a page that utilizes inlineEdit and PHP to save the changes made to a page. Albeit this is definitely not the best way to do this. In large scale applications, it would be best to have the PHP interact with a database, not change an html file.

Ok, so how does it work?

I like things to be simple, I did my best to stick with that. to inline edit something, just do a little something like this:


I know, really hard, right?

It's too simple

It's a component. You build on it. Like I did in my save example. So yes, it's simple, but its a powerful base for you to build stronger things with.

Where do I get it?

Well, since I'm feeling nice, I'll give you options. You can:

How can I thank you?

I'll let you decide how to do that. No donations, thanks.